marketing strategy development we create the right framework to
achieve your objectives
target market identification we ensure your messages
hit the right people
media planning and buying we select the right media at
the best possible price
media healthcheck determining whether your efforts are effective
and give you good value for money
experiential marketing &
mystery shopping
using our people to enhance your image
and gather information
sponsorship exploitation helping you make the most
of your involvement in
the arts, music and sports etc
public relations we help build, maintain and protect
your reputation; and create
interest in what you sell
employee engagement
helping you get the best out of your employees
employee engagement
we assess your staff's motivation and wellbeing

About Us - Overview

For over ten years, we’ve been providing a tailor-made service to help companies engage their target markets and sell more – products, services and ideas.

Our team of senior professionals have helped clients:

  • fill seats, fill rooms and sell houses
  • increase memberships
  • attract new customers and retain existing ones
  • get more hits on websites
  • change behaviours

We’ve also:

  • opened hundreds of retail outlets
  • conducted numerous seasonal promotions and
  • helped launch/relaunch many products and services

Plus we’ve helped companies:

  • to engage their workforce and boost their wellbeing – which is increasingly important considering the role staff play in whether their employers do well.

Our clients have included major supermarkets, private health and fitness chains, local authority leisure centres, children’s leisure, overseas property companies, UK-based hotel groups, local government, and charities. And before our time as Unison Media, we clocked up many more years of experience working with clients in food & drink, household goods, luxury goods, foodservice, retail, and healthcare too.