Experiential Marketing and Mystery Shopping

Face-to-face interaction gets people engaging with your brand, and using their senses to evoke emotions. Such experiences are an important tool in building favourable associations between your products and services and your target market, leading to word-of-mouth recommendations, informed purchasing decisions and behavioural change.

We provide brand ambassadors to help you interact with your market through one-to-one education,
to encourage trial, and to generate sales leads.

We also provide mystery shoppers to give you an insight into the customer experience, help you measure service standards and identify areas your customers think you are doing well in and those you might improve upon.

For example, when one of our health club clients needed help reaching its membership target, we provided sporty staff to prospect for sales leads at a local shopping centre. And when a big brand client had invested thousands of pounds in a national campaign demonstrating its product to Christmas shoppers, we provided mystery shoppers to ensure the demonstrations were just what the client had ordered.

To find out how you could apply brand ambassadors and mystery shoppers to enhance your image and gather information, please contact us.


“Tell me and I will forget.  Show me and I will remember.  Involve me and
I will understand.” – Confucius


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