marketing strategy development we create the right framework to
achieve your objectives
target market identification we ensure your messages
hit the right people
media planning and buying we select the right media at
the best possible price
media healthcheck determining whether your efforts are effective
and give you good value for money
experiential marketing &
mystery shopping
using our people to enhance your image
and gather information
sponsorship exploitation helping you make the most
of your involvement in
the arts, music and sports etc
public relations we help build, maintain and protect
your reputation; and create
interest in what you sell
employee engagement
helping you get the best out of your employees
employee engagement
we assess your staff's motivation and wellbeing
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Employee Engagement Healthchecks

Measuring Engagement, Stress and Wellbeing We don’t believe that measuring the level of employee engagement, stress or wellbeing is the be all and end all if you want your employees to thrive and your...
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Employee Engagement & Wellbeing Programmes

We believe that one of the keys to business success is by enabling the workforce to be the best they can be at work, creating true brand ambassadors who work hard, support your mission...
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Public Relations

PR is more than just media relations and running a press office. PR is about cultivating and maintaining relationships with the people who really matter to your organisation. Unison Media provides the skills to...
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Sponsorship Exploitation

It’s rarely sufficient to rely on your event rights alone to deliver your objectives – exploitation is one of the key success factors for successful sponsorship. Unison Media can help you to maximise your...
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Experiential Marketing and Mystery Shopping

Face-to-face interaction gets people engaging with your brand, and using their senses to evoke emotions. Such experiences are an important tool in building favourable associations between your products and services and your target market,...
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Media Healthcheck

We conduct media healthchecks based on factors such as: Strategy Targeting Media selection Media costs Measurability To find out if your communications are effective and giving you good value for money, please contact us....
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Media Planning, Negotiating and Buying

We are skilled at selecting, negotiating, and buying media to target consumers at home, at work, on the move, shopping, and at leisure. Our philosophy for media planning and buying is: People come first...
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Target Market Identification

Unison Media is skilled at helping clients better understand and connect with their markets. We help define your consumers and how best to locate them, so that your messages reach them efficiently. We do...
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Marketing Strategy Development

Imaginative and practical solutions are vital for helping you connect effectively with your customers. But to ensure your efforts to attract and keep customers are well thought-out and effective, you need to start with...