Caring about staff attitudes reaps rewards

Management Today (MT) quotes the proprietor of the Express, Ok! and channel Five, Richard Desmond as saying “I’d guess a third of my staff love me, a third hate me and a third don’t know who I am.  Which is okay.”   Given the opportunity, I’d be inclined to ask him why he thinks it’s acceptable that two thirds of his workers don’t have a high regard for him and whether such an attitude will help him achieve challenges which MT say include convincing people that he’s a “serious, long-term player who knows how to nurture and expand businesses”; and polishing “a reputation badly damaged by a libel case and to reveal a more caring side”?

If a client showed similar indifference towards staff opinion, or was facing similar challenges, they might be advised to:

–          find out what employees and other stakeholders think rather than relying on guesswork. 

–          take appropriate action to transform staff attitudes so that they can achieve the business objectives together.

Indeed researchers have found there is a correlation between positive leadership and employee engagement.  Furthermore, caring about staff, investing in their strengths and building better relationships between team members leads to sustained growth.  In return, those staff spend time thinking about the needs of the people they serve.  In short, showing an interest in staff and their opinions can reap rewards – I’m happy to help clients with this, but does anyone care enough to tell Mr Desmond?

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