Happiness Makes Us Healthier

Research just out, has shown that positive emotions can help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. 

The study, published in the European Heart Journal, is not the first to show that happiness is linked to wellbeing and anxiety is linked to ill health, but it is an important reminder that how we approach life can make a difference – literally to life and death.

 So as we spend so much of our waking lives in work, what small things can we instigate to gain a happier, and hopefully more energised, productive and healthier workforce?

 Try the following simple tips:

T – “Thank you” – these two words are often missing in the workplace even though many employees value them above all else.  Remember to thank staff – privately and publicly as the occasions arise.

H – help – encourage people to work together in harmony, identify when a helping hand or guidance is needed, and step in quickly to resolve any conflict. 

I – instigate – don’t wait for staff to tell you what’s right or wrong, approach them, have proper two-way conversations with them, learn about their work experiences and how they can be improved.

N – note what’s going well – it’s all too easy to focus on weakness and failings and to store these up for the annual appraisal.  Instead, identify strengths and how these can be enhanced, and talk about them in regular one-to-one’s.

K – kindness – research shows that we all need to know that someone cares about us at work, so show some compassion, be considerate, and thoughtful to all your colleagues no matter their level in the organisation. 

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